Ripe energy technologies to make the most out of substrates



Our focus

Through our eclectic capabilities, including financial structuring, engineering, as well as seed capital & further equity investments, Viniergia, Inc. specializes in R&D followed by the scale up of the created technologies to commercial applications.


We successfully scaled up our biofuel technologies in Mexico to industrial infrastructure.

By achieving unprecedented low CAPEX & aiming at low-cost complicated raw materials, we have showcased our potential to overcome the usual waste to biofuel projects' hurdle: meager profitability.


We also identified as strategic, investing in biofuel quality control (QC) laboratories in Mexico, where biofuel QC suffers a low offer - high demand situation. Coupled to our QC analytical services, we specialize in international sustainability certifications for biomass raw materials & biofuels.


In special cases, we provide innovation & investment banking advisory to third parties both in the USA & Mexico.

Natural gas & biomethane

  Electricity, cogeneration & clean liquid vehicle fuels

                                                   Abatement of air pollutants   & greenhouse gases.                                 Wastewater treatment,  treated water reuse, & fresh water savings

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