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      Our company was founded in 2010 on the idea that both new and matured technologies can be "integrated", into commercial solutions to the overwhelming problems that we face nowadays, mainly, the problems that humans have ourselves created as "external costs" from our economic activities.


With our strong technical background, in engineering, mathematical modeling, economics, and financial structuring, we invest in the creation of technology prone companies, with whom we share our skills.


More than 15 years of experience in investment banking, R&D in biotech and chemistry, and our know-how on the operation of industrial facilities and vehicle fleets at commercial scales (hundreds of clients), allow a smoth transit from market needs and technological frontier evaluation, to R&D, to revenue generation. 


As our logo suggests, we originally specialized in methane projects. Our team also structured CDM projects in the early years of the Kyoto Protocol, particularly in electricity generation.


Although energy and global warming represent longterm problems for the economy and human wellbeing; we soon learned that air quality, and availability of quality water, are of the outermost importance.

Without clean air to breathe and water to drink and produce food, we perish immediately. Likewise, in a relative short period the food we eat will also kill us, if it’s cancerogenic. Global warming and energy solutions have a longer timespan to worry about and take action.

Our business endeavors take baby steps towards solving as fast as possible these pressing problems, adhering to such ordering of priorities: Air, water, food, energy, global warming.


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