Public goods management:                                                           Clean air & water



       Besides carbon credit projects, we have specialized in air pollutants abatement by fuel switching, fuel blending, and engine adaptations for co-fueled applications.


Examples include:

     A) 100% biomethane vehicles;

     B) Methane-diesel co-fueled vehicles;

     C) Biodiesel-diesel blends used in diesel vehicles without adaptations (diesel can be petroleum made or

         renewable/synthetic); and

     D) 100% diesel type biofuel use in adapted diesel vehicles and boilers.


We also have expertise in wastewater treatment, treated water reuse & fresh water consumption minimization, in agricultural, industrial, as well as residential applications.


We have drafted feasibility studies for cross-border water rights transfer agreements, by means of low water consumption crops in intensive agriculture, for clients in the US, including a leading water strategy consultancy and lobbying firm in California.




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