Electricity, cogeneration & "ultra clean" liquid diesel type fuels for vehicles



       To further diversify our biogas projects from the bioCNG application, we developed a process for the production of biomass pellets as a coproduct from cogeneration. This way we enhance the profitability of electricity generation.


Our biogas to electricity generation project uses the electricity for vehicle charging.


Parallel to our biomethane line of R&D and business, we started in 2008 a biodiesel company, from waste grease, that today is the biggest in Mexico both in revenue and biodiesel production capacity. It was ISCC-EU certified (sustainability) in 2014. Besides hundreds of thousands of litres per month of yellow grease (used cooking oil), it handles considerable amounts of brown grease from more than 1,000 grease traps served. We now expanded these activities to the country's capital.


Besides biodiesel, we've developed technologies to produce clean burning diesel type fuels, e.g., so called renewable diesel refined from pyrolysis oils, and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic diesel.





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